Poll: Should the Storm Chasers become RP based, or stay freelanced?
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Roleplay (RP)
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Present status
DarkRP is currently undergoing a complete rework with the full intention to make it what you all want to see, we need suggestions for what you want to see to make it even better.
Keep in mind though, we can't just throw every suggestion into the server, a fat server turns players away.

TTT is still up and operational, no suggestions or change requests have come in for the TTT.

Storm Chasers:
Storm Chasers is pretty basic right now, essentially the only things in the server are really the custom gamemode itself, some cars and sProps, not much else has been added.
We've had a request for a jobs system in the server, what do you all think of adding jobs to the Storm Chasers? Should Storm Chasers be more RP, or should it stay freelance?

Not many players outside of staff join the TeamSpeak, remember you are all always free to join and talk to each other, or the staff in there.

All servers are accepting staff applications, time requirements are waived on the DarkRP until it has been relaunched for a few days.
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